Brief About The Department

Department of Educational Psychology and Special Needs Education offers education for learners with disabilities and offers courses in eight areas of specialization. The department trains   teachers of children with disabilities in order to enhance the capabilities of such learners. The major purpose is to promote the inclusion of learners with special needs in mainstream education. The special needs

education programme has continued to attract increased number of students since 2014. The department has a total of 4 full time teaching staff and other part-time Faculty who are well versed in their areas of specialization and who have published widely. Currently Special Needs Education and Educational Psychology are in one department

Dr. Pamela Karambu Muriungi

Chairperson, SNE & Educational psychology


Current Degree Programmes offered by the Department

 Bachelor of Education (Special Needs education):-

The programme takes a duration of 4 years. We offer full time programme. Our students are required to take 5 university common courses,2 teaching subjects and common special education 3rd year they are required to select one area of specialization. From their area of specialization, they are required to take 5 courses

Meet our Faculty Staff

Our School has qualified and experienced staff who have an expertise in the Educational Psychology and Special Needs Education Academic Fields: